About US

Motocar SRL has over 20 years of experience in road freight transport services across Europe. We offer regular transport services in Groupage, both internally and internationally, to and from eastern and western Europe. We Manage every aspect related to the dispatch of our customers ' goods, from planning, organizing and monitoring, to the control and delivery of the goods to the final destination. Motocar SRL offers groupage and transport services in the exclusive mode.
Our Company is a leading supplier in international transport services with term delivery and having access to various types of vehicles around the world. Benefit from a vast network of transport options, specialized equipment, proactive communications, advanced tracking and delivery options anywhere in Europe.

Motocar SRL is available to you for deliveries anywhere at national and international level, permanently monitored by modern software. Any time you want, you can find out where the goods are transported.
Using the Motocar SRL solution for national and international deliveries, you have control over the transport trucks at any time.
We Have an experience of over 28 years that recommends us as a logistics and transport company on the national and international market, capable of delivering daily any type of merchandise, regardless of quantity or destination, at competitive prices.
Thanks to the professionalism of our team and highly trained employees, starting from transport dispatching, drivers and coordinating staff, we quickly imposed on the transport market in Romania, offering our customers the most Good quality, the reaction times are very good. The Quality and timeliness of transport services have led to the development of a portfolio of customers from different fields.